Sunday, 19 November 2006

The Story Begins

Saturday 18th November

The day after we completed purchase on Chick Wood (aka Ewarwoowar). A general visit to look around and familiarise ourselves with what we’ve got. The main trees present are coppice sweet chestnut with oak standards. On the south side (and scattered within the wood) are silver birches; while along the stream gulley at the south are hazel and alder. There is a reasonably sized holly in the south east. In the south west there are some young rhododendrons. Fungi include puffballs, candle snuffs, various bracket fungi and jelly-like orangish ‘blobs’. While we are walking along the south of the wood a red admiral flutters by in the dappled sunshine. We spend some time planning where we could camp, etc. On a map of the wood we mark on the larger oaks along with their circumferences; there are about 35 trees over 50” girth, some up to about 100” (making them 100 years old or possibly more). We collect some litter (mainly plastic milk bottles) which looks pretty old, there’s no sign of people recently using the wood.