Monday, 10 September 2007

July to September 2007

Late summer saw fewer visits to the wood as the rest of life took over (DIY at home plus a fantastic holiday in Ecuador). During the few days spent in the wood, most time was spent chilling out; although there was always some work getting done, typically bracken bashing and keeping the path clear through the wayleave. The tree camp now has its floorboards complete and rails all round – next job will be to pollard the trees so they and the camp don’t come down in the autumn gales. The 1st weekend in September we camped in our wonderful new pop-up tents (Eurohike Flash) which take just a few seconds to put up and take down; so much easier than the cumbersome but palatial ‘umbrella’ tent we have been using, but if staying for more than a couple of nights we’ll probably still use the big old tent. Also that weekend one of Tom’s friends stayed over and they had fun exploring the wood, whittling staffs and making use of the air rifle to put holes in their old primary school’s fleece before they start secondary school. The wood feels subdued in late summer, the energy and new life of spring seems a long time behind us, while the glory of autumn colours is yet to appear. But we know that it’s only a few weeks until the leaves will be changing and it will be time to get the chainsaw back into action.