Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rise and Fall

The high winds took their toll on the tent. The fabric was fine and the guy-lines mostly held, but some of the fibreglass poles snapped. On a later visit we found more high winds had felled some standing deadwood onto the spot where the tent had been; maybe the fates are trying to tell us something!

Work since last post has included tidying up the last logs of last winter’s coppicing into piles, pulling and cutting the rising bracken, bramble and birch to keep the glade open for other plants, trimming back the opening from the field to the glade (so the butterflies can get in easier; apparently some don’t like flying up over trees), plus replacing spiral plastic tree guards (rubbish) with stakes and wire guards. These new guards let more light in, give more space to grow and are taller so offer more protection. Highlight has been discovering that one of our bird boxes has been used by some blue tits raising their brood.