Monday, 27 April 2009

Blooming April

This month saw a little work done splitting logs to make floor boards for the new tree camp, they will need some ‘fine tuning’ to get them to sit right, but it was good to do something other than coppicing after the winter months. The bluebells are now starting to flower and look lovely sharing the woodland floor with the wood anemones. Another few weeks the wood anemones will be gone and the bluebells will dominate the wood in all their full glory. The ferns along the gill are also putting on new growth as they prepare to move from spring to summer. By the new tree camp there is a single solitary cuckooplant, something I haven’t noticed in this wood before. Up the wayleave the work keeping part of it clear is paying dividends; there are primroses, violets and bugle in flower, and the orchids spotty leaves are looking healthy. It was a cloudy day so no butterflies were venturing out, but I plan to get along on a sunny day soon to chill out and just watch them flutter by. Last summers regrowth in the 1st area coppiced is now greening up and will soon look very different. The old dead leaves and decay of the past seasons are being transformed into the lush greenness of the future and I am now looking forward to summer; new season, new life.